Dramatis Situationis

Opening Date: Sunday September 15 – opening of Fall semester

Location: Terre Haute, Indiana – epicenter of Western philosophy

Narrator: Jeff Harrison, humble yet perspicacious grad student recently moved from Berkeley to Terre Haute to study epistemology

Epistemology: from Greek episteme = knowledge, from epistanai = to understand, know (epi- + histanai to cause to stand) – the study of the nature and grounds of knowledge, especially with reference to its limits and validity.

In colloquial terms: How can I be sure I really know what I think I know? Assuming I know something, how can I know what it is that I know? Even if I figure that out, how do I know that I have successfully communicated said knowledge to another person, and that the other person indeed knows the same knowledge that I know? And so on and so forth.

On to the Prologue!

Download novel as a formatted, printable book (PDF)

After it downloads you can save and print. Please share with friends, fellow free-thinkers, philosophy professors, newsgroups, etc. Thanks!


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