About Being & Nothingness

Welcome Readers!

Welcome to my novel-in-perpetual-process, set in Terre Haute, Indiana – epicenter of Western philosophy.

Feel free to pass this file or link along. Send feedback as below.

Download free PDF of book or read online: <epistmystery.wordpress.com>

What is this Book?

Being & Nothingness: An Epistemological Murder Mystery is a unique introduction to the history of Western philosophy.

First, it’s funny. At least the author thinks so, and he should know!

Second, it features guest appearances by many of the greatest thinkers of our tradition, from Aristotle and Augustine to Beauvoir and Derrida – not something you find in your average introductory text.

The book will in all likelihood become required reading in philosophy classes as well as a best-seller at airport newsstands.

Read it now and beat the rush!  <epistmystery.wordpress.com>

Reader Feedback Welcome

This is Draft 03, edited in 2016-2017. Draft 01 appeared in 2005, Draft 02 about 2008. This is the first publicly-circulated version.

Comments on plot, characters, pacing, etc are welcome. It’s helpful to hear when you figured out “whodunnit” and what clues gave it away.

Email feedback, corrections, complaints, and large unmarked bills to: <directactionnovel@gmail.com>

For duty and humanity!

– Luke Hauser

Download free PDF of book or read online: <epistmystery.wordpress.com>


About Luke Hauser

Luke Hauser is a parajournalist residing alternately in San Francisco, Berkeley, Terre Haute (in the past) and Rome (in my dreams!).

Luke posts photojurnalism at ReclaimingQuarterly.org– see site index for Activist Features.

Luke Hauser is also author of:

Direct Action: An Historical Novel (lots of photos and an activist handbook too!)

The Hardy Girls: The Mystery of Rafferty’s Farm (kids chapter book / adult satire of Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, etc)

The Hardy Girls: The Mystery of the Derailed Train (ditto – coming in late 2017)

Teen Earth Magic Workbook (activism and empowerment for teens – visit our website for info re our CA camp)

Campfire Chants: Lyrics & Lore (Earth-friendly and activist chants by Starhawk and others – booklet accompanies album – listen free at youtube, spotify, etc)


San Francisco • Berkeley • Roma • Terre Haute

©2017 GroundWork. All rights reserved – but we invite you to pass this along!

Being & Nothingness: An Epistemological Murder Mystery / Lucas Hauserus



Designed and published via volunteer labor in California, Planet Earth: No Borders!


PO Box 14141

San Francisco CA 94114

Thanks To: Reclaiming Quarterly, Thorn, Mary, Susan, Cynthia, Cookie, Sheila, Carolina, Pamela, Kate, Cypress, Jonathan, Riyana, Ewa, Tori, Steve, George

Cover Art created 1510 by Raffaello di Urbino and used with permission of the artist.

Download free PDF of book or read online: <epistmystery.wordpress.com>


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